• My music projects

    Coming Soon to Feel Music!

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    Velocity Run Volume 2

    Released 2023, (date to be announced)

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    Inviting collaborations

    I am interested in collaborating with other artists- be it making music, producing music or supporting media aspects of marketing, sales or promotion.

    My activities

    Currently have 25% of time available for musical pursuits along with other activities:


    a. Service Model Beta Testing Co-coordinator: [50% effort) Coordinating operative amongst team of program/portfolio managers and enterprise architects; creating a new service model for use by the telecoms sector. The creation is in the final stages of prototyping and testing.

    b. Associate Information Scientist: [10-20% effort] Sifting, filtering and coordinating data from various sources, and shaping it to information that is meaningful and suitable for use by specific subject experts in science, technology and business.

    c. Website recovery-renovation for artists, sole traders and small Businesses [15-25% effort] Supporting a local